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Pharmaceutical company logo

In the process of logo development, a deliberate choice was made to incorporate the hues of green and black. The selection of green within the logo serves to symbolize attributes of nature, imbuing it with connotations of trustworthiness, reliability, and confidence, qualities highly esteemed within the pharmaceutical domain. Conversely, the utilization of black, employing the minimalist “neue haas grotesk” sans serif font, underscores the essence of simplicity and sophistication in representing the pharmacy’s identity. Furthermore, the inscription “Trusted” meticulously underscores the pharmacy’s commitment to reliability, while “Tablets” succinctly conveys the promise of quality medications, establishing a profound sense of assurance and excellence.

Corporate identity development for a pharmacy chain entails a distinctive character, akin to any industry. Nonetheless, the fundamental components for crafting a corporate identity persist. Embodying positivity and allure, the pharmacy’s corporate identity is paramount, notwithstanding the compulsion behind a customer’s visit driven by health concerns.

Color palette

The color palette holds significant importance, as it molds the consumer’s subconscious perception of the establishment, forging a distinct and lasting impression. Typically adhering to specific guidelines, the color scheme of a pharmacy exudes tranquility, drawing upon calm and natural tones to evoke a sense of reliability.

hex: #7FCD2A

rgb(127, 205, 42)

hsl(89, 66%, 48%)

hex: #A8DD6E

rgb(168, 221, 110)

hsl(89, 62%, 65%)

hex: #000000

rgb(0, 0, 0)

hsl(0, 0%, 0%)

Brand Identity Management

The meticulous spelling of our brand name is of utmost importance within our operational framework. This precision plays a direct role in shaping the overall perception of our organization within the vast realm of information.

Ensuring the accurate spelling of our pharmacy’s name.



Trusted Tablets

  • It is crucial to refrain from combining the TrustedTablets logo with other images without prior consent. This measure is essential to uphold brand integrity and prevent unauthorized use or modification of the logo. Therefore, obtaining explicit permission before integrating the TrustedTablets logo with any visuals or images is imperative.
  • Avoid using the TrustedTablets brand in a manner that suggests a connection, association, or endorsement with other brands, such as claiming “we partner with Amazon.” Doing so without explicit authorization can lead to misinterpretation and potential legal consequences. It is vital to maintain clarity and integrity in brand representation by abstaining from implying any affiliations or endorsements between TrustedTablets and other entities unless formally established and agreed upon.
  • Under no circumstances should the TrustedTablets brand be associated with illegal activities, advertisements, or products. Upholding the brand’s integrity and reputation requires ensuring that its name is not used in conjunction with unlawful practices or promotions. Any such usage can damage the brand’s image and result in severe consequences. Therefore, strict adherence to ethical and legal standards is paramount when referencing the TrustedTablets brand.